And, sometime soon, we'll have a what's new display in this spot but since this is a new site, and the dust is yet to settle, well......

WELCOME TO BILT FONTS, an Aruban Font Foundry web site. BILT is the 4-letter way of saying, "Because I Like Them". The fonts you see here have been developed for that reason and that reason alone, I like them. Some are original designs and others are revivals. Some are experiments and some are concepts that have been redrawn. To improve the flexibility of the library and to offer you additional options in your creative endeavors, we will be adding new designs on a regular basis. If you don't see what you want this month, check back next week or next month. Updates to the library will be posted regularly. 

In addition to our small library of fonts we also offer a suite of technical services dealing with web and client/server application development. An explanation of what these services are can be found by clicking SERVICES on the menu above.

Right now this site is under construction and in the process of being debugged.   If you do "look around" and find something odd, let us know via the CONTACT button.

Our FREE section contains a selection of photographs that we've taken over the years. Boats, sunsets, barn doors, flowers, etc, can be found. And, of course, you'll find a photo of the volcanic arch on the southside of the island of Aruba.

Click on SPECIAL and do some lite reading about the font wars. This is a twelve year old article that was written with an attempt at font humor. As if there is such a thing!

The code for the slideshow on the left was free and can be found at